Monday, July 13, 2009

People, Places, and COLOR!

So I've gone a little color happy... as evident by the surreal, abstract, might-be-a-landscape ink things I'm calling color doodles. They may be something beneath doodles. They might actually be more appropriately termed rainbow vomit, but oh well. I did a for real color sketch of the bridge by school in pastel. I think my mad pastel skillz are improving, but then again, they really only could go up. Yeah progress! In other news I finally made a life drawing session! Whoo! It was actually sort of depressing because I forgot how to draw. But I thought I would include a few illustration from that forlorn little tale. I tried to use pastel, but 20 mins. is not nearly enough time to get that up and running. At least for me. The rest of the stuff is cafe sketching. I've been really off with people lately. If only people were more like trees...

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