Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Newcastle be bumpin'

I had hoped to have a larger update as recompense for the long silence on the digital front, but alas, my sketchbooks seem to have wandered to some obscure part of Seattle with no hopes of returning anytime soon. But fear not! Back up art is always at hand. These are some sketches I did recently at work. Nothing terribly crafty or mischievous, but you know, I guard lives, so I can't afford to get distracted for too long. Or people die. True story.


  1. So my blog update list has not been showing your blog posts. I think it's because you keep changing the title of your blog :P

    Anyway, I really like the one of the tree and the one of the dude's back. Really nice stuff.

  2. Why thank you :) You know how it goes with me and trees. I've only changed the blog title not the url so it really shouldn't have any trouble updating. Other people can follow it. I suspect that you are simply blogging inept or are mere making excuses for neglecting this space. But either way thank you for bravely leaving the comfort of your reading list and boldly venturing forth into the wild to seek this blog out. Your comments are much appreciated because otherwise I feel like I am talking to myself.

  3. Jesus, you should learn me how to tree making, so effing amazing wtf.